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Simon Harrison Fabulous Dionysus Gold Bear Drop Earrings (SHJ180- Gld)


Simon Harrison 'Dionysus Bear' collection

Made of beautifully cascading 'feathers' of surgical grade stainless steel which are 18ct gold plated

Wonderfully three dimensional and tactile. Notice the back of the earring there is a bears paw!

Approx 5 cm long x 3 cm at widest point

Stud fitting for pierced ears

Inspired by 'The Three Bears' and a cheeky take on the idea of the bearskin rug that would have adorned a Victorian parlour, this collection is created from delicately flexible chainmail with tiny tufts of metal fur

Storytelling and visual inspirations form an important part of the Simon Harrison jewellery collections

The perfect earrings that feel as good as they look and they go with everything! 

We all at Alexandra May Jewellery have a pair of these!



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