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Luke Stockley Marcasite & Pearl Single Rose Necklace (NE10PL)


Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

Featuring a Luke Stockley signature rose, jewelled with 55 semi-precious Swiss Marcasite stones

Strung with a total of 169 real flawless freshwater pearls

The decorative silver clasp is studded with 14 Marcasite stones in keeping with the style of the piece

The high quality Marcasite is securely clawed-in to ensure longevity

Inner strand diameter: 18.5 inches/ 47 cm approx.

Outer strand diameter: 21 inches/ 53.5 cm approx.

Rose feature: 3.1 cm high x 3.1 cm at widest point

 Can be matched perfectly with the pearl bracelets featured below in 'You may also like'

Beautiful heirloom jewellery!


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