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Luke Stockley Marcasite Black Onyx Rectangular Link Necklace (NE261O)


Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

Clean Art Deco styling

Linked necklace featuring 35 identical narrow geometric links, each set with a raised faceted rectangle of glossy, polished Black Onyx stone

Every link is bejewelled with 7 Swiss Marcasite stones

The decorative silver clasp is studded with 3 Marcasite stones in keeping with the style of the piece, bringing the total number of Marcasite pieces to 248

The high quality Marcasite is securely clawed-in to ensure longevity

The links are held together with spacious hooks that allow 'liquid' movement, meaning the necklace adjusts to and sits flat against the angles of any collarbone

Necklace length: 16 inches/ 40.5 cm x 0.8 cm at widest point

Can be matched with a number of other Silver and Marcasite pieces in the Luke Stockley range

Beautifully balanced design!


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