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Heidi Bennett Salmon Pink, Green & Bronze Toned Hook Earrings (HB043)


Central salmon pink Swarovski crystal surrounded by pink and strong yellow soutache braiding

Set into the soutache braiding are green/yellow glass pearls, with the outer edges highlighted with tiny transparent yellow Japanese glass seed beads

The bottom of the earring is formed with a ochre yellow-green flat vintage bead with a moss green surround, crowned with a soft blue-grey swarovski crystal

One-off earrings, exquisitely handmade by Heidi Bennett in Sheffield, UK 

.925 sterling silver hook fitting for pierced ears

Backed in fine soft black leather

6 cm long x 2.5 cm at widest point

Extremely lightweight to wear

Uniquely beautiful and incredibly glamorous!

(Prices reflect the value of the components and the amount of time the earrings took Heidi to make) 


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