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Heidi Bennett Pearlised Yellow Gold Tudor Rose Stud Earrings (HB044)

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One-off earrings, exquisitely handmade by Heidi Bennett in Sheffield, UK 

The main featured yellow glass stone is embossed with a gold Tudor rose design, surrounded by black & yellow-gold soutache braiding 

A single square gold Japanese bead.

The soutache braiding is surrounded with a further layer of matt gold pearls & glossy black beads, all individually hand sewn

Large left/right earrings which frame the curve of the face

.925 sterling silver post and butterfly fitting for pierced ears

Backed in fine soft black leather

4.3 cm long x 3.5 cm at widest point

Extremely lightweight to wear

Love the striking black & yellow colour combination!

(Prices reflect the value of the components and the amount of time the earrings took Heidi to make) 


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