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The Magical Mosiacs of Ayala Bar

Posted on August 16 2017


Ayala Magical Mosiac

Even before I stocked Ayala Bar jewellery in my shop, I collected it. Every piece of her work is unique and handcrafted from antique fabrics and vintage beads and crystals which results in the most beautiful, feather-light and eye catching jewellery.

Ayala Bar was born and resides in Israel. Her grandmother emigrated the 3,000 km from Afghanistan to Israel carrying a collection of antique local textiles and jewellery, and her son, Ayala's father.

This  cultural legacy of Ayala's grandmother (who is still alive at 104) inspired Ayala to study art and following her graduation to work in artistic arenas that ranged from theatre to interior design. Eventually however her main focus became the creation of the jewellery which she  initially regarded as her magical mosiacs and by the 1980's, she had emerged as a prominent Israeli jeweller. 

Ayala Bar combines different colours, beads, fabrics and shapes to create a brand new collection every six months. She follows seasons expected colour trends but her designs remain classically distinct which is the main reason why her jewellery is collected and worn year after year. Everything is produced in very small quantities so one is not likely to see designs and colourways in future collections, so you must grab it up while you can!

I am thrilled to be able to stock her amazing jewellery online and in my shop in Bath. When a new delivery from Ayala arrives we are invariably abuzz with excitement and although we are all a different size, age and style, there is bound to be something for each of us to covet.

 So do check out the latest arrivals from this wonderful artist!




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