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  • A Glorious and Incredibly Happy 2018 to All!

    Jan 08 2018

    The close of 2017 finds me with a bad back, an ominous sniffle and a feeling of overwhelming exhaustion but still feeling great about al...

  • Marcasite Magic!

    Dec 07 2017

    Marcasite jewellery, interestingly enough, isn't actually made from marcasite (white iron pyrite) but from pyrite itself, which is less...

  • Timeless Marcasite Jewellery

    Nov 06 2015

    Year after year, our range of Marcasite silver proves to be one shop's most adored collections - it seems the glittering jewellery's ins...

  • Red is for... Winter Jewels

    Jan 24 2014

    Red is for... winter jewels. It's creeping up to the end of January, with another couple of potentially bleak months ahead, but it doesn...

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