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Aloha from Hawaii

by Alexandra May | July 09, 2015 | 0 Comments

Continental style by way of the Pacific Islands: my latest shipment from Philippe Ferrandis's Paris workshop draws its inspiration all the way from the shores of Hawaii. Philippe's celebrated skill with colourways sees the collection's soft blues, teals and sea greens contrasted and complemented with flashes of warm coral, pale lilacs and vivid limes to create a hazy, Hawaiian-postcard colour scheme.

The earrings in the collection, though simple and unfussy, are expertly designed: a milky, opaque glass stone sits atop a glistening, intricately cut swarovski and an extra-long iridescent resin teardrop with a textured surface completes the piece. 

This gorgeous, glowing jewellery deserves to shimmer in strong summer sunlight, whether at home in the city or on holiday at the beach. It's wonderfully light to wear, so the hook fittings will not weigh heavily on pierced ears, and the clip-on earrings feature rubber pads to ensure hours of comfortable wear.

This statement necklace, with its tessellating ovals, triangles and oblongs, is a perfect piece of colourful summer jewellery, with softened neons sitting alongside perennially-fashionable pastel shades. My personal favourite, though, is this bold collar, which Philippe has given a sharp, modern edge with the addition of a chunky silver chain. 

Enjoy browsing!



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NEW IN: Ricardo Douaihi

by Alexandra May | March 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

We know that spring has sprung when the new Ricardo Douaihi collection arrives at Alexandra May. His stunning lace earrings are all made by hand and embroidered with semi precious stones, mother of pearl, glass beads and tiny Swarovski crystals.

Each pair of lace earrings are light as a feather, yet make a dramatic statement and this collection is no different. Some of our favourites include the large Gold Floral Lace Lilac Beaded Earrings (above), Green & Gold Lace Star Wheel Earrings, small Gold Floral Lace Blue Beaded Earrings, Gold Lace & Crystal Wheel Hook Earrings, which are encrusted with tiny Swarovski crystals, and Silver Floral Lace Blue Beaded Earrings.

Worn with a summer dress or a simple top (our favourite being a crisp white shirt) these earrings will look fabulous. The question is, which pair to choose?








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