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Simon Harrison: Designer, Story Teller and Team Player

Posted on November 07 2017

Simon Harrison Bear Bracelet

My favourite 'Bear' Cuff  £1450
One of the many wonderful things about having my own business is I only deal with designers who are genuinely nice people.
Life is too short to do otherwise and I really believe that the artist's personality imprints in some way on their work, not simply visually, but at a deeper level.
The newest exciting addition to 'Alexandra May Jewellery' is the jewellery of the delightful Simon Harrison; fabulous designs by a very lovely company.
I've made two trips thus far Simon's to studio based in London's Borough Market, and both times I was captivated by the creative and practical process of making the pieces, and also of the great team that work with him.
'Design isn't just about the aesthetic content of things-it's about the way you marry the cultural, commercial and technical's about the team effort.' Simon Harrison

Large Claudette Amethyst Cristal Necklace

Spectacular 'Claudette' amethyst crystal statement necklace £1250

Simon Harrison was born in Nottingham into a family that gave space for his creative explorations, even when it resulted in a coloured wool wrapped Christmas tree draped in his mother's jewellery, at aged five.

The merging of his creative ideas with the necessary cultural, commercial and technical elements to build a strong brand, developed over many years.

A Degree in Industrial Design, time spent working with avant-garde jeweller Charles de Temple and clothes designer Jean Muir and later involvement in International Product Development for Swarovski Crystal were just a few of the building blocks that led to Simon's work with Galliano and Vivienne Westwood (amongst many, many others) and the development of his own label.

Simon Harrison AmphitriteGreen Cuff

Spectacular 'Amphitrite' statement Cuff £495

His jewellery is akin to 3-dimensional illustrations to the stories that have inspired his life. Being in the Borough workshop and seeing the journey he and his team undertake to bring one of his designs from the proverbial drawing board to actuality is seeing a unit of passionate and committed, highly skilled people working together to incredible effect.

Simon Harrison bracelet from the 'Bear' Collection. Inspired by Robert Southey's 1837  'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and also a cheeky play on the bearskin rug that may have decorated the floor of a Victorian Parlour. The creation of this piece took over a year to complete.


Simon Harrison Bear Cuff in Gold

Another detail that even further lifts Simon in my esteem is his company's support of The Tigray Trust, a Charity to help make lives sustainable in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Now it's time for me to stop talking and let some images of Simon Harrison's wonderful work take centre stage! 

Simon Harrison Electra Enamel fish Necklace

Extraordinary 'Electra' hand enamelled fish necklace £495

Simon Harrison Limited edition 'Snake' necklace £1495

Exquisitely articulated Limited Edition 'Snake' Necklace £1495

Simon Harrison 'Coral' Necklace in ice blue

Closeup of the ice blue enamelled & crystal 'Coral' Necklace £495

Red Coral Ring - Simon Harrison

Red Enamel & Crystal Gold 'Coral' Ring £150

 Simon's jewellery collections are available in my shop in Bath. Please don't hesitate to call or message me for further information and images of other pieces in the collections. There are lots of fabulous earrings and rings available too........Pop into my jewellery emporium in Bath.



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