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Philippe Ferrandis: The Last of the Paruriers.

Posted on October 10 2017

Philippe Ferrandis Oriental Express

Philippe Ferrandis is one of the classic, collectible, couture costume jewellery designers that form part the permanent shop collection of 'Alexandra May Jewellery'

Beautifully made, timeless and never boring (with clip-on earrings that are an absolute dream!) the delivery of Philippe's twice yearly collections never fails to excite us.

'I am not an artist, because an artist thumbs his nose at material contingencies. I am more of an artisan, one who draws his inspiration from the world of art' - Philippe Ferrandis

Philippe Ferrandis works in the style of the paruriers, an old term for someone who made or sold ornaments for the embellishment of a woman's outfit. The expression is an archaic one from a near lost era where each artisan focused on perfection in their own area of expertise. When master artist of embroidery Francois Lesage said to Ferrandis that he '...was one of the last paruriers', he even further spurred on Philippe's desire to do what he loved, to the highest standards possible.

Philippe grew up in a creative family in  the Cote D'Azur, and was constantly stimulated and inspired by the world around him, something which has never changed whatever environment he is living in.

'Life cannot be experienced in black and white. Life, like nature itself, is filled with colour.' Philippe Ferrandis 

Earrings from the Philippe Ferrandis 'Orient Express' Collection

As an adult he moved to Paris where he worked in fashion houses, boutiques and then within the world of the fine arts until he launched his own jewellery collection in 1986.

Now Philippe Ferrandis has several boutiques in France, and his jewellery is stocked in major department stores and exclusive shops worldwide.

His work evolves constantly, never dictated to by fashion or passing trends and is infused with quality, sophistication, elegance and femininity.

Earrings from the Philippe Ferrandis 'Orient Express' Collection

Philippe has collaborated with Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Jean Paul Gaultier and Daniel Swarovski.

The jewellery of Philippe Ferrandis is sought after and worn by many stylish and successful women who include Beyonce, Monica Bellucci, Naomi Cambell and Jeanne Moreau and its visual impact has been acknowledged by its frequent use in theatre and film.

'We must live in the present and not the past. The days of morning dresses, lunch suits, cocktail dresses and evening gowns are over!' - Philippe Ferrandis

Philippe's work combines the artisanal perfection of the past with his modern vision and inspiration, resulting in gorgeous jewellery designed to enhance the life of the contemporary stylish woman.

Claudia is wearing necklace and earrings by Philippe Ferrandis and reading 'Philippe Ferrandis: Parurier a Paris' by Carine Loeillet


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