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Love, Care and Maintenance of Your Jewellery

Posted on September 12 2017

Good jewellery not only makes you look and feel great, but like any piece of decorative art, can be highly collectible and a solid investment.
We have too often seen beautiful jewellery destroyed due to a wrongly directed spray of perfume, being showered in or badly stored.
Thus we have pulled together a list of tips for keeping your jewellery in optimum condition.
1. Protect your jewellery from scratching and tangling by storing each piece separately in a soft pouch or  jewellery roll.
2. NEVER let perfume, hairspray, suntan lotion or cosmetic sprays come into contact with your jewellery.
3. Avoid contact with chlorinated or salt water and household cleaning products. Costume jewellery must NEVER get wet.
4. If bakelite, lucite, horn or posh plastic are your thing, take special care NOT to store them in the sun as direct sunlight will fade the colours or in the case of horn, warp and dry the material.
5. When washing your hands always take your rings off. I have a trick so you won't leave them by the side of the sink when out and about, just put your ring band in your mouth!


1. Silver tarnishes in air particularly in pollution or hot and humid weather. Remove any tarnish with a silver polish cloth which you can buy in any supermarket. Goddards Silver Cloth is our personal favourite.
2. Avoid silver dips. These can be very harsh and leave a residue which turns orange after some time. You can wash silver with Fairy liquid and a baby tooth brush. Lather it up, rinse with warm water then finish with a final rinse of cold water. Dry the excess and then rub with a silver cloth for great results!


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1. Don't store your pearls with other jewellery as they can easily be scratched when in contact with other gemstones or metals. Always store them in a pouch or box.

2. Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after wearing, and occasionally wash with mild soapy water, make sure the pearls are dry before you put them away.

3. With good pearls, it is recommended that you have them restrung regularly.

4. Wear your pearls! They react well to the skins natural oils and it helps maintain their lustre.

Pearls from Alexandra May Jewellery


1. A build up of dirt and hand cream is a common cause of stones looking lack lustre. Harder gemstones can be cleaned with warm water and a soft brush (a baby's toothbrush works well) and mild soap (we swear by a solution of Fairy liquid) For more fragile stones subsitute a soft cloth for the toothbrush.

5. Sudden temperature changes can affect certain gemstones, especially opals. Very hot and cold water can cause the gems to expand and shrink minutely, which makes them more vulnerable to loss and damage.

 Look after what you love...and enjoy!






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