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In Praise of Clip-On Earrings and Jean-Louis Blin!

Posted on June 13 2018

Some people may think of clip-on earrings as the bastion of the brassy barmaid, the old fashioned and the elderly, but good clip on earrings are actually the insiders secret of the jewellery world.

Europeans have long known that the best way to get a youth inducing flash of colour to light up the face is with clip-on earrings. Few pierced earrings can hold the necessary weight near the face to create that, and unfortunately by the time a woman passes thirty, piercings are often stretched, pulled down and cannot take much weight. 

As clip on earrings are more complex and more expensive to make, it is much harder to find them- a challenge that we at Alexandra May Jewellery have risen to with gusto!

Vintage earrings are the most obvious source, however they can tend to have nickel or dodgy metals in them as jewellery manufacturing wasn't regulated then, and the often smaller clips can cause the dreaded 'ear pinch'.

Of course there are comfortable vintage clip-on earrings which we consistently have a great selection of, and we can always count on Cavendish French and Luke Stockley for beautiful silver earrings but our main cache of fabulous clip-on's comes from our European designers.

The Queen of Colour, Miranda Konstintindou/Konplott has some gorgeous creations, as does Philippe Ferrandis and Simon Harrison, however the master of magnificent clip-on earrings is the one and only, Jean Louis Blin.

Jean Louis Blin earrings are designed by Claudine and Jean-Louis Blin, who hand craft all their jewellery in their Paris atelier. Each piece is unique and made with either copper or brass settings which is then plated with gold, silver, black or bronze.

They use vintage stones, crystal, glass and pate de verre and their mixing of colours and styles is sublime.

A love of art nouveau, baroque, deco and brutalism inspire Jean-Louis Blin's designs and their clients include Moulin Rouge, Guy Laroche and Thierry Mugler.

These earrings are incredibly beautiful and are also comfortable which is a must, because life is way too short to suffer for looking wonderful.

I discovered this designer when a very stylish Frenchwoman came into the shop. I commented on her fabulous jewellery at which she went back to her hotel, and returned with a jewellery pouch crammed with Jean Louis Blin's incredible earrings to show me.

I was hooked! Luckily this lady was generous enough to give me Jean and Claudines' phone number in Paris, otherwise I would have had to undertake a very obsessive and tormented search for contact details.

Now when we have a Jean-Louis Blin delivery we wait until all the Alexandra May staff are assembled so we can open the parcel together, and invariably, most of it will be sold to our eager overseas customers before it even hits the shop floor!








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