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DeeLyn- Throwing Shapes and Creating Gorgeous Jewellery Art

Posted on September 18 2019


So many apologies for my long online absence!

Life has been crazier than usual and family concerns have been my main priority; something that I'm sure all those of you with elderly parents can understand.

However, now all is calm once more, I can focus on my lovely customers again and...start buying more jewellery for Alexandra May!

We have now started stocking the incredible jewellery creations of DeeLyn::Design. These stunning pieces are created by the iconoclast and very lovely Deelyn Walsh, and are unlike anything we have sold before.


DeeLyn is originally from Oregon but has lived in England for many years. She studied in the UK and after graduating from her Bachelor of Design Degree with First Class Honours, she immediately started work as a self employed jeweller.

Her work is architectural and bold but lightweight and easy to wear, with a softness that makes it eminently wearable and flattering.

Every piece is individually hand crafted in silver (sometimes with a gold plate) which means that each piece is unique, even if it is based on a pre-existing design. The   jewellery is often oxidised or polished to create a modernist and slightly industrial effect.

DeeLyn uses traditional silversmithing techniques to create this untraditional jewellery and one of the things we particularly love about her work is that it is interactive (in an easy, fun and not at all alienating way) and a few tweaks can change the shape of many of the pieces.

Deelyn Welsh is an award winning designer who uses her positive energy in a myriad of wonderful ways; she was instrumental in setting up Flux Studio's thriving arts hub in Liverpool, supports the work of other artists such as Paul Curtis who created the 'For All Liverpool's Liver Birds' mural, and was also involved with the New York based Charity 'The Voice Project'. In this project, jewellery made from donated guitar strings of famous musicians was sold at auctions to assist the families and rehabilitation of abducted child soldiers in Central Africa.

As a small business we believe it is particularly important that every designer we stock creates beautifully made work and also is the sort of person who we are proud to promote and take pleasure dealing with- and DeeLyn fits that bill in every respect!











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