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A 21st Century Taste Of The Orient

Posted on August 06 2015

Lately, I've been on the lookout for examples of wonderful costume and material from East Asia. I've always been drawn to jewellers who, through use of ornately detailed settings and splashes of vivid colour, incorporate an Oriental influence into their work. Shots of stunning embroidery from Japan (among other places) can be found on my Textiles Pinterest board, whilst this collection features pictures of modern Japanese women who've carried the traditional Geisha style into the 21st century, giving it some modern tweaks on the way.

Geishas used their bouffant hairdos as pinboards for ornate decorations. Ricardo Douahi's hairclips are perfect for dressing up a similarly dramatic upsweep hairstyle.

These handmade patchwork pouches, made from pieces of vintage kimono silk, are available in my store. Each design is completely unique in both the layout of the fabric used and the combination of materials. Perfect for keeping your jewellery safe!


 Alexandra x


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