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NEW IN: Askew London

Posted on December 10 2014

I have just had a fabulous new delivery in from Askew London, just in time for Christmas. 

Susan Askew's signature animals and insects have made a return with beautiful earrings with lions, cats, frogs, rainbow owls, falcons, swallows and of course, bees, all encrusted with vintage stones and crystals. Each delivery of Askew is a complete surprise, as Susan designs and makes her jewellery in conjunction with what vintage stones and beads she has at any one time, and we are NEVER disappointed!

Her show-stopping necklaces are embellished with vintage glass stones in an array of colours, which are perfect for the festive season, as well as heavily encrusted brooches. 

However, don't delay, as Askew London usually flies out as quickly as it arrives…

Alex x


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