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NEW IN: Ricardo Douaihi Necklaces and Hair Clips

Posted on October 31 2014

Venezuelan-born Ricardo Douaihi works from his studio in Madrid, where he creates these extraordinary lace necklaces and hair clips all by hand. The lace is stiffened and embroidered with semi precious stones, mother of pearl or glass beads, and tiny Swarovski crystals.

These individual works of art are big and dramatic, but are extremely lightweight to wear. Douaihi's statement necklaces hang from pretty ribbons and look stunning against a plain cashmere jumper or white shirt. Or, dare we say it, imagine them against a simple black top for the festive season!

With his Spanish influence, Douaihi knows how to make a hair clip that actually holds huge amounts of hair, think of all those beautiful Flamenco dancers. There is nothing more frustrating than a hair clip that looks beautiful but you can't wear because it won't hold your hair. But not only that, they are a statement piece in themselves, the perfect hair jewels.

Alex x


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